Kindly Note

Any Kenyan traveling or living within Tanzania are subject to the laws of the United Republic of Tanzania.  Kenya High Commission is quite limited by jurisdiction in the assistance it can provide to Kenyans arrested and held in Tanzania. We are not able to finance legal fees or other related expenses.

The mission will do whatever possible to protect you and ensure that you are safe under local law. The mission cannot release prisoners, provide guarantees of their comportment, or provide funds for bail. If you are arrested, immediately ask that a consular officer at the Kenya High Commission be notified.

When do I need to contact the High commission for assistance?

You should get in touch with the Kenya government through the Kenya High commission if you require any of the services we provide, or are otherwise unsure of where to turn.

You should contact your insurer in the event of any claim, but make a point of contacting them as soon as you are able in the event of:

  • Any hospitalisation
  • Expensive medical claims
  • Theft or robbery claims

We assist to:-

  • Issue replacement passports and travel documents
  • Provide details of local doctors and hospitals
  • Provide details of local lawyers and interpreters
  • Visit or contact you if you have been arrested to check on your welfare and see that you are being treated fairly in accordance with local law
  • Provide advice and support in the event of overseas deaths
  • Make special arrangements in the event of natural disasters
  • Enable you to vote in Kenyan presidential elections while in Tanzania

The Mission cannot:-

  • Interfere in court proceedings or legal matters
  • Get you out of prison
  • Prevent you from being deported
  • Intervene in immigration or customs matters
  • Post bail or pay fines or legal expenses
  • Give you legal advice, although we may point you to someone who can
  • Carry out searches for missing people
  • Investigate crimes or deaths overseas
  • Pay for medications or psychiatric services
  • Arrange visas, licences, work or residency permits for Tanzania

Travel Insurance

For access to more practical and immediate help while abroad you may need to get in touch with your travel insurance provider instead of the Kenyan High Commission.

All travel insurers should offer a 24-hour, 7-day worldwide helpline.

The main forms of help offered by travel insurance can be found in the policy. Basic travel insurance policies can offer an unlimited level of cover for emergency medical expenses while overseas, including medical repatriation and evacuation, additional expenses including surgery and operating theater fees, and other costs.

We advise all travelers to choose travel insurance that includes cover for medical expenses and ideally personal liability as well, because they will not otherwise be covered.